3rd graders celebrated the end of our ELA IAR testing with bubbles and chalk!
3 days ago, 3rd Grade Team SES <3
Met a shared goal together!
Purple Up!
3grade teacher team!
At Scott Elementary, our Preschool Parent Educator Mrs. Casoni hosted a Sensory Friendly Activities Night last Friday in Celebration of World Autism Awareness Month. Our Pre-K students engaged in fun-filled fine motor and gross motor activities. Thank you to those who attended! #SESPride #19EveryStudent
4 days ago, Kellen Kettwich
Sensory Night 1
Sensory Night 2
Sensory Night 3
Sensory Night 4
Mrs. Gould's kindergarten class at Scott Elementary is learning about counting by 10's and exploring numbers to 100. They had a great time with "Write the Room" and racing a partner to 100. #SESPride #19EveryStudent
9 days ago, Kindergarten Team
count by 10's
count by 10s
Solar Eclipse fun at Scott Elementary! #19EveryStudent #SESPride
10 days ago, Kellen Kettwich
Eclipse 1
Eclipse 2
Eclipse 3
Eclipse 5
SES is proud to celebrate our two amazing Assistant Principals, Mrs. Grawe and Mrs. Battas, during National Assistant Principal Day! Thank you to these two amazing people for all they do to support students, families, and staff every day. We are lucky to have them! #SESPride #19EveryStudent
13 days ago, Kellen Kettwich
AP Day
Scott Elementary School is celebrating National School Librarian Appreciation Day with our amazing librarian, Mrs. Barb Elmore! The library is a special place at SES under her stewardship. Thank you to Mrs. Elmore for creating a place for students to enjoy the wonderful world of reading! #SESPride #19EveryStudent
14 days ago, Kellen Kettwich
Elmore 1
Elmore 2
At Scott Elementary, PE teachers Mr. Joe Ballard and Mr. Mical Barnes recently partnered with the American Heart Association and the Kids Heart Challenge. In total, SES and our amazing families raised $23,356.98 for the AHA! During PE, students learned the importance of heart health while raising much needed funds for the organization. Thank you to our SES families for helping us support such a worthy cause. Pictured are Mr. Ballard, Mr. Barnes, and SES students who raised over $300. Also, a big thank you to Sax's Speedi-Check in Mascoutah for donating lunches to these awesome kids! #19EveryStudent #SESPride
22 days ago, Kellen Kettwich
Scott Elementary Kindergarten has been busy learning about bears and other hibernating animals. There was a lot of excitement in the air when the bears burst out of their caves on the first day of spring. We even had a picnic with our stuffed friends. #19EveryStudent
28 days ago, Kindergarten Team
bears 2
bears 1
bears 3
Last night, SES hosted Family Reading Night: "Camp Read A Lot". HUGE thank you to Mrs. Elmore and Ms. Auld for all their hard work organizing this wonderful evening! And thank you to all those who came out to help or enjoy the activities. #19EveryStudent #SESPride
about 1 month ago, Kellen Kettwich
More games
As we start the 4th Quarter, SES is proud to recognize 6 students who have achieved perfect attendance for the first 125 days of school. These students have not missed one day of school so far! Congratulations to: Varian D. (1st Grade) Xander K. (1st Grade) Margaret H. (2nd Grade) Elizabeth K. (2nd Grade) Anabelle W. (3rd Grade) Benjamin K. (5th Grade) #19EveryStudent #SESPride
about 1 month ago, Kellen Kettwich
Today is School Social Work Appreciation Day. They tirelessly support our students and their mental health and academic concerns by working with students, teachers, administrators, and parents to provide the best solutions for our students' needs. #M19Pride #19EveryStudent
about 1 month ago, Mascoutah School District
Social Worker Appreciation
MSD19 celebrates Maintenance & Grounds Worker Appreciation Day. You often see the team out maintaining District property. However, their behind-the-scenes support keeps our District operations going. Thank you to all that keep us up and running every day of the year. #M19Pride
about 1 month ago, Mascoutah School District
Maintenance & Grounds Appreciation
This past weekend, Scott Elementary teachers Jessica Zerjal and Jamie Brown were asked to present at the largest math conference in Illinois. The Western Suburban Math Conference at Glenbard North High School near Chicago had over 900 attendees. Mrs. Zerjal and Mrs. Brown presented on "Making Math Positive, Number Sense Routines." Congratulations to these two great educators, you made SES and Mascoutah proud! #19EveryStudent #19SESPride
about 1 month ago, Kellen Kettwich
SES gifted second graders have been studying naturally occurring structures. They used various materials to make their own coral reef. #19EveryStudent #SESPride
about 1 month ago, SES Gifted
Students making a coral reef model
Students making a coral reef model
Students making a coral reef model
Students making a coral reef model
Students making a coral reef model
Students making a coral reef model
Students making a coral reef model
Students making a coral reef model
Students making a coral reef model
Students making a coral reef model
SES gifted third graders have been researching the human brain and the various functions of each brain part. Do these hats make our brains look big? #SESPride #19EveryStudent
about 2 months ago, SES Gifted
Students researching the human brain
Students researching the human brain
Students researching the human brain
Students researching the human brain
Students researching the human brain
Students researching the human brain
Students researching the human brain
Scott Elementary Kindergarten took their learning outdoors to enjoy the beautiful February weather. They made rhyming words, and even rotated to add to what their friends rhymed. #19everystudent #SESPride
about 2 months ago, Kindergarten Team
rhyme 1
rhyme 2
Scott Elementary Kindergarten visited the high school to see the FFA animals. They loved petting the animals and seeing the care and dedication the FFA students have with their animals. #19everystudent #SESPride
about 2 months ago, Kindergarten Team
FFA visit
Shout out to our amazing SES PTO! They are always willing to volunteer their time and support our students and staff. Today, they stopped by with their Sunshine Cart just to bring a little extra joy to our day. THANK YOU, PTO for all you do! #19everystudent #SESPride
about 2 months ago, Kellen Kettwich
At SES, 3rd grade students in Mrs. Stoviak's class are working on representing fractions on a number line! #19everystudent #SESPRIDE
about 2 months ago, 3rd Grade Team SES <3
Fractions strips
Fraction Number Lines
Fractions on a number line
team work!
two halves make a whole
Fractions on a Number Line
4th Grade Students at SES had an amazing time on their Field Trip to the Science Center. #EveryStudent #SES Pride.
2 months ago, 4th Grade Team
Field Trip 1
Field Trip 2
Field Trip 3
Field Trip 4
Field Trip 5
Field Trip 6