MSD19's Official Facebook Page

We've seen so many great moments happening in our schools and community on our official District Facebook page.

We pride ourselves on our community. We encompass the city of Mascoutah, all of Scott Air Force Base, western sections of New Baden, MidAmerica Airport, and portions of rural St. Clair County. We are rural. We are suburban. We are military. We are one community.

Throughout the school year our students, teachers, and administrators have amazing experiences every day, and the Mascoutah School District 19 Facebook page will be where we can come together and share. But amazing experiences don’t end there—there are great things happening in our surrounding community, as well, and we want to showcase those moments. Our local business community and Scott Air Force Base invest their time in our school district, and we want to show our appreciation. As parents, we need to know when businesses are supporting our children and their education.

So please join our community online on the Mascoutah School District 19 Facebook page.