Safety Patrol

Sponsor: Ms. Aitken

This service is provided by the fifth grade students. They serve as student guides for younger children to assist in transporting them to buses and classrooms in the building. They also serve as parent guides for classroom locations during open house and patrol school grounds during student arrival and dismissal.

Patrol Requirements

  • Students must complete an application form.
  • Students must be working to the best of their ability in the classroom.
  • Students must exhibit appropriate behavior.
  • Students must be available to work the entire school year. When scheduled, they must be at their post at 7:45am and be available to stay after school until the last bus leaves at 3:25pm for a two week period.


  • Quarterly treat with the moderator for patrols working that month, courtesy of Scott Elementary.
  • Certificate of Appreciation at the awards ceremony at the end of the school year.
  • Recognized by the teachers and administration for their diligent efforts in assisting younger children on campus.