Arrival Procedures

Students may arrive at school between 8:00am and 8:25am. Any student arriving after 8:25am will need to be signed in as tardy by a parent or guardian.

Students should be dropped off in the vehicle drop-off lane and enter the school through the front doors. If parents would like to park in the parking lot and escort their child into the building lobby, they may do so. However, please do not continue into any further part of the building without checking in at the school office. Make sure to have your driver's license when checking in at the school.

Please refrain from dropping children off outside of the designated areas. Unattended children in the main parking lot present a safety hazard, so please use the designated drop off areas.

No adult supervision is available for students before 8:00am. If a child arrives prior to 8:00am unattended, a $5 fee per student will be charged.

Please be safe in the parking lot. No cell phones are allowed. Obey the posted one-way "Do Not Enter" signs, and do not drop students off in the bus lanes.

Dismissal Procedures

Student will be dismissed at the following times:

K-5 Classes


Pre-K Classes

AM: 11:00am & PM 3:15pm

Parents and guardians, please abide by the following procedures that apply.

  • All bus riders and students going to the Scott Youth Center will be dismissed first.
  • After the buses have departed, the students walking home or being picked up are dismissed.
  • Parents wishing to pick up their child after school may
    • walk on to the school property via the SAFB walking gate. (Please have your military IDs to pass in and out of the SAFB gate.)
    • use the car pick-up lane and remain in their vehicle. Please pull all the way forward. When your child has safely entered the car, you may pull away to exit the grounds.
    • park in the main parking lot and walk up to meet their child.

If we are having an inclement weather dismissal please have your car tag with the number visible for school staff to retrieve your child. Your car tag will also be used as your gate pass to re-enter SAFB on Patriots Drive. Your military ID may be requested by the gate guard, so please have it available.

For the safety of all students at SES, please be safe, patient, and courteous in the parking lot. Thank you for your cooperation.

arrival and dismissal procedures

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures