Scott Simon
Really, this is me.

Welcome to early childhood special education. 
We will play.
We will dance and sing. 
We will read.
We will learn routines and schedules.
We will learn how to treat our friends.
We will learn to work with other adults.
We will have fun!

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I have been teaching early childhood special education for about 28 years. We have met many students with many different needs. We have enjoyed building relationships with our new friends and their families. 

Kelley Phillips has been a very important part of this program. She has been with working with children and families with me for around twenty five years. Her picture can be found in the "people in your neighborhood" folder in the photo gallery. She is hugging a friend. 

We have evolved our services to include as many needs as we can meet in a session. After being identified as having a special need, our district can provide the opportunity to write and Individual Education Plan (IEP) and begin services. We are fortunate to provide services that have options in delivering education in Pre-kindergarten (PREK at-Risk), partly in the PREK, or with more smaller group times and support services. 

Please contact me or leave a comment if you have any questions and I will return your contact directly.