Health Requirements by Grade Level


PreK Any updated immunization records - no new physical needed if returning

Kindergarten: Physical exam, Immunizations,  Dental Exam, Vision Exam(by an eye doctor)

1st: No new requirements needed 

2nd:  Dental Exam

3rd: No new requirements needed

4th:  No new requirements needed

5th:  No new requirements needed



PreK:  Physical exam and immunization records

Kindergarten:  Physical exam, immunizations, Dental Exam, Vision Exam(by and Eye Doctor)

1st:  Physical Exam,Immunizations, Vision Exam(by an Eye Doctor)

2nd:  Physical Exam, Immunizations,Dental Exam, Vision exam (by an Eye Doctor)

3rd:  Physical Exam, Immunizations, Vision Exam (by an Eye Doctor)

4th:  Physical Exam,Immunizations, Vision Exam (by an  eye doctor)

5th Physical Exam, Immunizations, Vision Exam (by and eye doctor)